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 All candidates on the state and Jefferson County level have been invited. If their name does not appear below, they have not responded

WV Governor

Danny Lutz Jr - Mountain

S. Marshall Wilson - Independent

County Commissioner-Jefferson County WV

Tricia Jackson-Republican-Harpers Ferry District

 Sheriff-Jefferson County WV

Mike Chapman-Democrat

Steve Cox-Independent

Tom Hansen-Republican

John King-Independent


 WV Auditor
Mary Ann Claytor-Democrat


 WV House of Delegates

District 65
Wayne Clark-Republican

District 66
Paul Espinosa-Republican-Declined Interview

District 67
John Doyle-Democrat

Elliot Simon-Republican

WV Senate

District 16
Patricia Rucker-Republican-Declined Interview

Trump Vs. Biden on the Issues

WV Elections 2020-Primary Candidate Interviews.

Tomorrow, June 9th, 2020 is Primary Election Day in West Virginia. Tomorrow is the only election day for Supreme Court Justices, Magistrates and Board of Education Members.
We contacted candidates in all contested races listed. If names are not listed, they did not respond to multiple requests for an interview.

WV Supreme Court of Appeals

Division 2

Jim Douglas

Kris Raynes

Joana Tabit-Declined Interview

Bill Wooten-Elected

Division 3

Lora Dyer

Bill Schwartz

WV Governor

Michael Folk-Republican

Brooke Lunsford-Republican

Jody Murphy-Democrat

Charles Robert Sheedy SR.-Republican

Doug Six-Republican

WV US Senate

Richard Ojeda-Democrat

Richie Robb-Democrat

Allen Whitt-Republican


WV Commissioner of Agriculture

William Keplinger-Democarat

Dave Miller-Democrat

Roy Ramey-Republican

Jefferson County WV Board of Education

Barbara Fuller

Donna Joy-Elected

County Commissioner-Jefferson County WV

Tricia Jackson-Republican-Harpers Ferry District-
Primary Winner


Sheriff-Jefferson County WV

Tom Hansen-Republican-Primary Winner

Steve Harris-Republican


virginity rocks t-shirtA Wentzville, Missoui middle school student was admonished and threatened with suspension for wearing a "Virginity Rocks" sweatshirt at school.  The middle school students and their Dad believe this is a positive message.  For more than a decade Christian groups have used this slogan.  Recently, some YouTube personalities have used it as a parody.  None the less, the message itself is a positive one.  Does the school administration think that non virgins will be offended, or what?  This is a ridiculous example of political correctness gone amok.  

Read the original article here.

Is teen-age viewing of pornography a good or bad thing? Read the following article printed in Ascend newsletter and decide for yourself.

Researchers estimate that – whether intentionally or accidentally — the average age of first viewing of porn is 12 years of age, and anecdotal evidence suggests as young as 8. Much of online porn is free and unfiltered, and is often violent, degrading, and extreme.

Facts About Kids and the Porn Crisis

  • 39% of 14-year-olds report having seen porn, with about one-third of young people saying they had seen it for the first time at age 12 or younger
  • Minors who view pornography and other sexualized media are more accepting of sexual violence, and more likely to believe “rape myths” (such as the myth that “women enjoy being raped”)
  • Increased use of online porn decreases boys’ academic performance six months later
  • For teens, a significant relationship exists between frequent pornography use and feelings of loneliness and major depression
  • A study of 14- to 19-year-olds found that females who consumed pornographic videos were at a significantly greater risk of being victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault

In a study of young teens, 66 percent of boys reported porn consumption in the past year; this early porn exposure was correlated with perpetration of sexual harassment two years later.

Source:  Ascend Newsletter