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We recently interviewed Howard University 2014 Graduate and STAR Guide Mentor Syreeta Crawford:

Could you explain why the training was important to you?

This training was important to me because it allowed me to share with my peers educational information that would help guarantee their success in all areas of their life. By being the change I wish to see in this world, through informing others about how to handle peer pressure, how to be confident in their decision to abstain from acts that are harmful to their future and how to build a strong foundation in their personal growth, I can help edify the trailblazers that will lead our nation.

What about the training touched your heart?

What touched my heart the most about the training was being able to fellowship with my peers and to provide a positive environment for us to be a support system and motivation for each other, as we remain confident in our decision to abstain from harmful actions such as abusing drugs, alcohol and participating in premarital sex.

Why would it be good for others to attend?

It would be very good for others to attend this training because it will provide them with the information they need to be a beacon of inspiration, wisdom and the opportunity to advocate for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of themselves as well as for future generations. Ultimately, sharing this information will provide for a more emotionally, financially and professionally stable society.

How will the training help you succeed?

The training will help me succeed by teaching me the proper way of handling my future relationships and how to make the best decisions to ensure that I am making healthy choices that will positively impact my future, which will not stagnate my maturation process.

How did teaching STAR interfaith touch or affect me?

Instructing the 5 week trainings affected me because it showed me how important it is for me to share my confidence about abstaining before marriage with others. I made a lot of sexual mistakes in my past because I did not have a mentor who was encouraging me to maintain sexual purity before marriage. If others do not know better they will not have the means to do better and unfortunately they must resort to the streets or social media to be taught what they should or should not do. I fell into the trap of believing that what others were doing around me was acceptable for me to do as well. However now that I have the knowledge I gained from STAR interfaith, I can use my past mistakes as my testimony to help encourage others to abstain before marriage.





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