By Richard Urban

Thirty Seven Percent of High School Girls are Gender Confused
According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 10 percent of high school boys and 37 percent of high school girls identified as being other than heterosexual, i.e. as gay or lesbian, bisexual or other/questioning.  This shocking statistic shows that young people are being indoctrinated into believing that they are not simply male or female.  One of the primary indoctrination grounds is in public schools.  Teachers, counselors and administrators may all be involved in this process of indoctrination.  This is a type of abuse in itself, causing young people and their parents and families to undergo stress, anxiety and even death, as the recent Epoch Times documentary Gender Transformation:  The Untold Realities, emphasizes.
According to, “More than 1,000 school districts across the United States have policies openly stating that district personnel can or should keep students’ transgender st
atus hidden from their parents.” Urban Life Training, an organization that has been active in abstinence-centered sexual health education for two decades, has authored a resolution for Boards of Education to adopt that is based on student well-being, not political agendas.  The resolution follows.
Resolution for Adoption of Character and Abstinence-Based Sexual Health Education

Whereas parents are the primary teachers of their children and whereas virtually all parents want their children to abstain from sexual activity while of school age; and being that the purpose of sexual health education is to help youth succeed in life, and whereas premature sexual activity is correlated with increased use of alcohol and drugs, poor academic performance, emotional stress, increased risk of suicide, infection with sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy;
Be it hereby resolved by (fill in name of the Board of Education) that:
The primary purpose of all sexual education curricula in (fill in jurisdiction) will be to teach the benefits of abstaining from all types of sexual activity and physical sexual contact while of school age.
Marriage will be presented as an attainable goal and the appropriate and morally acceptable place for sexual activity when we become legal adults, and also as the most beneficial arrangement for the children that may be born to married parents.
Since the discussion of same-sex attraction and gender identity is not conducive to these goals and same-sex attraction cannot be confirmed
without physical sexual contact, these topics will not be included in the sexual education curriculum.
Further, the prevention of child abuse, through affirming each child’s agency, is an important goal of sexual health education.
Therefore, young children will be taught that no one should touch them in the area covered by their bathing suit.  Older children will be taught that no one should touch their sexual organs or other body parts in any way inappropriately.

By encouraging Boards of Education to adopt this resolution, we can help steer public and private education in the right direction.  Teaching sexual abstinence in preparation for marriage is an antidote for transgender and homosexual indoctrination.  These two types of education are like oil and water.  When abstinence is emphasized, homosexual attraction and gender confusion are repelled.
Watch Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities at The Epoch Times website.  Then view the discussion on “Understanding parent’s rights and stopping sexual indoctrination in public schoolshere at

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