Proposed Health Education Standards to be deleted or changed 

Delete the following four proposed standards: 

6th grade 
Sexuality, Reproduction, and Health 
6.1.6 Explain that people, regardless of biological sex, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and culture, have sexual feeling and the need for love, affection and physical intimacy. 

7th grade 
Sexuality, Reproduction, and Health 
7.1.7 Analyze the social, cultural, religious, and legal factors that influence the choice and use of contraception; and discuss the importance of consistent and effective contraceptive use. 

8th Grade 
Sexuality, Reproduction, and Health 
8/1.5 Define sexual orientation, using correct terminology, and explain that as people grow and develop, they may begin to feel romantically and or sexually attracted to people of a different gender and/or to people of the same gender 

8.1.6 Compare and contrast the theories about what determines sexual orientation including genetics; prenatal, social, and cultural influences; psychosocial factors; and a combination of all of these. 

Change the following standard 

9th grade 
Human Growth and Development 
9.1.5 Analyze trends in teen pregnancy rates, teen births, contraceptive practices and the availability of abortion 

This standard needs to be changed to: 

9.1.5 Analyze trends in teen pregnancy rates, teen births, plus YRBSS data showing that the majority of high school students have never had sexual intercourse. Discuss why abstinence from all sexual activity outside of marriage is the only 100% sure way to prevent STIs, pregnancy, and social and emotional consequences of sexual relationships.